Custom GIS Applications

Custom GIS Application Development

At Mallon Technology, we understand the frustration that arises when systems or software lack the performance you require. Our passion and desire to help everyone maximise their use of geographic information has led us to create custom GIS applications that enable our customers to extract added value from their data.

Our custom GIS applications are built to meet your specific requirements, delivering the performance and functionality to suit your business needs. Built upon Azimap, all of our solutions benefit from its advanced suite of user-friendly and accessible tools, enabling you to extract the maximum value from your geographic information.

Easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, your custom GIS application can be developed to work across a variety of smart devices, delivering a solution that provides a lasting legacy in your organisation. Get in touch with us today to learn how a custom GIS application could benefit your business.

Let us know your GIS requirements & see how you will benefit from a custom application