e-Inspect GIS Field Mapping & Data Capture Software

Developed in house by Mallon Technology, e-Inspect is a complete GIS field mapping and data collection solution. Leveraging GIS and GPS technology, e-Inspect optimises field mapping operations for automated and manual field data collection.

Tough and robust, e-Inspect has been optimised to deal with conditions out of the office and in the field. Scalable and easy to use our system is built on a spatial database allowing for the quick and easy capture, storage, editing and display of spatial data.

e-Inspect has been designed to run on a range of Windows based tablet and laptop devices and features seamless integration with your back-end office system through our own office data delivery web portal. This allows critical data to flow between the office and the field allowing for the efficient management and sharing of information.

Benefits of e-Inspect

  • Standardises field data collection and management
  • Improves field worker productivity and reduces costs
  • Advanced drawing, editing and measuring tools allows you to work effectively in the field
  • All common map and spatial data types are supported
  • GPS enabled, allowing routes to be traced and locations tracked
  • Layers and labels are fully customisable
  • Tools can be configured to suit the users individual needs


Built on an extendable framework, e-Inspect can be adapted to develop custom projects to suit the customer’s needs. Applications include:

  • Gas


    Asset management

    Leak inspections

  • Heritage


    Conservation areas

    Monument surveys

  • Infrastructure


    Solar installation and management

    Road surveys

  • Agriculture


    Land surveying

    Agricultural surveys

    Land parcel identification

  • Environmental


    Road surveys

    River surveys

    Environmental site management

  • Water


    Leak inspections

    Meter deployment

    Manhole inspections

  • Electricity


    Meter deployment and maintenance

    Electric pole maintenance

    Asset management

    Leak inspections

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