Diamond Building Control & Fire Software

Shift Manager

Fire Service Shift & Roster Management Software

Diamond Shift Manager is the complete Roster Planning System helping you to effectively and efficiently organise shift patterns within your organisation.

With years of experience working in a range of industries we know how hard it has become for organisations to effectively manage and control their staff shift patterns. With our clients in mind, Diamond Shift Manager has been developed to be the most complete Roster Planning System on the market, allowing you the time to focus on the important issues in your business.

Diamond Shift Manager offers a comprehensive range of functions enabling shifts to be assigned, leave to be tracked and allocated, overtime to be monitored and skill levels to be supervised. Our system is fully customisable and can be easily adapted to the work practices of any organisation.

Benefits of Diamond Shift Manager

  • Management of roles ensures that the best and most appropriate person is assigned to each shift
  • Ensure adequate coverage is maintained at all times with the ability to track availability of staff for each area of the business, ensuring there is always sufficient and appropriate cover ready for action
  • Reminders and alerts are issued when regular training needs to be updated for any staff member
  • Under used skills can be highlighted and staff use evaluated to maximise the skill sets of your team effectively
  • Generate shift assignments for future periods with a customisable shift pattern
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface for modifying individual shifts