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iReport Training

Fire Service Training Management Software

Underpinning the first-class service that all Fire & Rescue Services provide is a dedication to ensuring that each individual firefighter receives the correct training and develops the necessary skills which enables them to undertake all operations safely and efficiently. However, maintaining individual training records and ensuring they remain up-to-date and within legal requirements is a challenging and time consuming process.

Developed exclusively to assist Fire Services, iReport Training will help to track, manage and monitor all the training requirements of your staff. Encompassing both on station drills and formal training exercises, iReport Training records the skills with which each staff member is proficient in and the roles they can be assigned to. These are tracked via a course calendar, providing a quick and easy visual reference of upcoming courses and training that is due to expire, whilst the reporting functionality presents detailed insights into each individual course or training exercise.

iReport Training makes the task of maintaining, monitoring and tracking individual staff training records easier than ever before! To learn more about how iReport Training could benefit your organisation or to arrange a product demonstration, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Benefits of iReport Training

  • Protect staff by ensuring they are fully competent in their job roles
  • Ensure all staff training is up-to-date and within legal requirements
  • A full audit trail of alterations is kept at all times to ensure transparency and compliance
  • Easily track and identify the skills any individual is proficient in and the roles they can be assigned to
  • Fully configurable to your training needs
  • Save time manually searching for and updating training records
  • Track and record training courses which occur away from the fire station
  • Prompts alert staff to training courses which need to be completed before skills lapse or expire
  • Compile individual training reports quickly and easily with the touch of a button
  • All training information is stored, maintained and accessed in one central location

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