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iReport Fire Service Incident Reporting System

Developed to deliver real time benefits to Fire Services, iReport is the complete Fire Service Incident Reporting System. Effortlessly capturing and generating data related directly to your operational activity, iReport enables officers to easily collate and manage the flow of information.

Featuring an intuitive and easy to use workflow management and permissions based reporting system, iReport can generate a variety of reports directly from data captured within your administrative area, all at the touch of a button. Helping to speed up administration and the recovery of fees, whilst reducing office workload, iReport will put you in command of the incident reporting process.

Removing the hassle from fee collection, iReport can quickly and easily produce detailed and accurate invoices based on information collected directly from the attendance of an incident. A full and clear breakdown of all costs incurred is provided for every chargeable incident, helping to maintain transparency and ensure compliance at all times.

Whether capturing data, collating and managing the flow of information, compiling reports and statistics, calculating payslips or generating detailed invoices, iReport can handle it all! To learn more about how iReport could benefit your operations, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Benefits of iReport

  • Capture and record all operational activity, including full incident reports (location, type, vehicle details, casualties etc), fire fighter attendance, hazmat crew and personnel reports, fire fatality reports, drill attendance reports and special duty records
  • Clearly detailed, accurate invoices using information collected directly from the attendance of an incident are easily produced to provide the recipient with a full transparent breakdown of all costs incurred
  • Duplicate invoices can be generated where multiple contacts are involved
  • Automatically calculate accurate payslips which take all rules of pay scales, deductions and bonus hours into account
  • Access control features allow for the recording of fire station activities to be delegated to station officers, reducing errors and back office workload
  • A full audit trail of alterations is kept at all times to ensure transparency and compliance
  • A fully searchable system stores all past incidents, reports and statistics which can be recovered at the touch of a button
  • Data captured meets all legislative and financial requirements

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