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Fire Certificate Scanning

Fire Certificate Scanning Services Ireland

Our Fire Certificate scanning service extends the functionality of your Diamond Fire System. We can integrate digital versions of all your hard copy historical and archived premises files into your system providing easy access to your old paper files at the touch of a button.

Files are all stored under their related premises helping to build a complete history of all decisions and certifications that have been issued. Such information can prove invaluable in the event of an emergency.

Benefits of Fire Certificate Scanning

  • Complete premises history can easily be accessed and viewed at the touch of a button
  • Multiple users are able access the same files at the same time
  • Scanning files frees up office space for other uses, removing the need for files to be located on-site
  • A secure digital backup ensures you will always have access to a copy of your documents
  • Preserve the quality and integrity of your paper records by removing the need to excessively handle documents
  • Waiting times are significantly reduced as clients premises information is available at the touch of a button
  • Documents can be scanned on-site for you convenience or picked up securely by ourselves

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