Prime2 is Ordnance Survey Ireland’s (OSi) newly developed spatial data storage model. Marking the most significant revision to OSi data in over 30 years, Prime2 represents a considerable shift away from traditional digital mapping databases. Instead of storing data in disparate datasets, Prime2 is a seamless digital database for all 26 counties of Ireland, treating all map features as continuous objects.

Prime2 has been developed to industry and international best practice and it now provides Ireland with a standardised coordinate referencing system and a standardised digital mapping reference system. This authoritative spatial reference framework offers unrivalled levels of accuracy and consistent referencing of state topological information.

Here at Mallon Technology, we specialise in the integration of your data with Prime2. Using our considerable experience and expertise with spatial data models, we can explore what your organisation can leverage from Prime2, helping you to utilise the full range of benefits that this new model offers.

Benefits of Prime2

As the use of spatial data grows across various industries and sectors the need for even more accurate and reliable reference data increases. Prime2 provides Ireland with consistent, accurate referencing of national data related to location. This brings a range of benefits that any organisation can take advantage of.

  • Improved Accuracy

    Improved Accuracy

    Prime2’s standardised coordinate reference system provides greater accuracy of the location of national features than ever before. Prime2 can be used to quality check your data to help determine the accuracy of your features or assets as well as to determine the exact location of national features, for example, drains, buildings, roads, rivers etc.

  • 3D Modelling

    3D Modelling

    Prime2 has been designed to store and manage 3D information such as multi-storey buildings, street infrastructure, underground car parks and subterranean utility services. This can be used to develop detailed models to examine how real world occurrences would affect the environment, for example floods.

  • Network Connectivity

    Network Connectivity

    As Prime2 is a seamless digital database, features such as roads, rivers and railways have been modelled as single segments with associated object lines. This enables users to query data based on the connectivity of the various network themes.

  • Unique Object Referencing

    Unique Object Referencing

    All objects and features that are mapped as part of Prime2 are uniquely referenced. Each building, land parcel, road section or river has a unique reference against which additional information can be stored and managed. This allows for objects to be queried and for the identification of other objects or features associated with it.

  • Better Analysis

    Better Analysis

    Featuring multiple datasets and more accurate referencing, Prime2 enables a user to integrate their data, resulting in more precise and informed analysis. This allows for comparison of all available options leading to more informed decisions.

  • Optimised Resources

    Optimised Resources

    Prime2 can be used to optimise resources and deliver greater efficiencies thanks to the accurate referencing of national data. Resources can be optimised, for example, through the accurate identification of broken assets and their location, resulting in greater staff productivity and less operational costs.

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