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Client Details:

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Finland Case Study

Customer Name:Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


The Problem

Under EU legislation all member states must take necessary measures to ensure that transactions financed by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund are not only carried out but are also implemented correctly. For this purpose national authorities are required to operate an Integrated Administration and Control System (ACS) in order to ensure that payments are made correctly and irregularities prevented.

As the Finish Government's accredited paying agency, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for the management and control of all payments in application of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). To support their management and control of EU subsidy payments the Finish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry required the development of a system that would:

  • Provide precise spatial information
  • Monitor individual parcels and check compatibility against IACS data
  • Print and distribute annual map supplements

What We Did

The project involved the specification, design, development and integration of a land information system as well as the data capture of all spatial data and associated alphanumeric data. The system stored and located over 140,000 farmer's addresses and 1.2 million individual land parcels which served over 250 separate users. To facilitate the management of the project, a data capture facility was established in Finland. The project was implemented in two phases.

Phase 1

This involved the setting up of an initial spatially referenced database and integration with the IACS database, which included:

  • Registration and data capture of over 1,000,000 land parcels from both orthophotos and raster maps
  • Validation of all data against the integrated IACS database
  • Printing of farmer maps using orthophotography
  • conversion of 4,000 10km x 10km orthophoto tiles
  • Data capture of 400 communes and 16 business districts

Phase 2

This involved the development of a complete GIS to provide control and maintenance of the IACS data and an update of the entire system, which included:

  • Design, development and integration of complete GIS with the IACS database
  • Site installation of the system
  • Training and Support

The Benefits

  • Digitised land parcels were used to administer CAP payments quickly and efficiently
  • The system ensured that all payments were correct and complied fully with EU regulations
  • The national dataset is maintained and can be shared with other stakeholders
  • The GIS system can be used as a decision support/policy support system by an expert team

Why us:

  • Highly skilled and experienced team of geospatial experts
  • Experience of delivering similar systems at national government level
  • Full working knowledge of EU regulatory requirements
  • Software development capabilities
  • Experience working on large scale projects
  • Proven project management capability