Wicklow County Archives


Client Details:

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Customer Name:Wicklow County Archives

Location:Wicklow, Ireland

The Problem

Wicklow County Archives serves to preserve and provide access to the country's rich collection of archival material. Their different collections tell the story, shape and development of the communities throughout Wicklow County and the authorities who served them.

As part of its ongoing work to preserve and improve access to their historical resources, Wicklow County Archives took the decision to digitally capture two of its important collections.

What We Did

Each collection had a unique set of requirements to ensure that they were successfully captured, depending on the sensitivity and conditions of the collections. We provided Wicklow County Archives with a range of different Document Capture services to each of the collections below.

Wicklow Workhouse Registers Collection

Consisting of 14 reels of microfilm, the entire collection of 47 registers required digitising. The reels came in standard 35mm, 100ft format with an average of 600 images per reel.

Images were captured in greyscale TIFF format at 400dpi with derivative PDF images, including watermarks also created from the digitised images. Each reel was then indexed according to its corresponding volume in the collection.

On completion, we capture 8,486 images, all of which were delivered to the customer via an FTP transfer.

Bray Town Commissioners and Urban District Council Minute Book Collection

This collection was made up of 23 volumes of differing sizes and was captured in folio format at 300dpi preservation master TIFF. The majority of the volumes were handwritten, but 7 volumes were up of typescripts. These were passed through OCR to create a fully searchable text document, with an output accuracy of 97%.

From the master TIFF images, derivative PDFs were created for each volume, one copy with a watermark and one copy without a watermark. At the request of Wicklow County Archives, the watermarked PDFs were kept to a file size of 50mb or smaller to allow for quick and easy web access.

On completion, we had captured 6,156 images which were delivered to the customer via a secure FTP transfer and a second copy was supplied on an external hard drive.

The Benefits

  • Access to the two collections has been significantly improved, enabling the collections to viewed online
  • New research and analysis can be undertaken to better understand the history of the communities of County Wicklow
  • The collections will be further preserved from any damage caused by the handling of the collections
  • Multiple users are able to access the collections at the same time
  • Text searches can be undertaken for keywords or phrases, helping to find relevant information quickly
  • A digital backup of the captured images ensures that there will always be a permanent record of the collection

Why us:

  • Experience working with similar archival institutions
  • Highly experienced team of document capture technicians
  • Capacity to handle delicate and sensitive documents
  • Ability to handle Microfilm material
  • OCR experience
  • Capability to supply the customer with different image output types
  • Wicklow County Archives found Mallon Technology to be an excellent partner in getting our collections digitised and published online. We found the quality of each project to be excellent and they always adhered to our requirements in terms of specification, time-frame and formats. The care they take when collecting and returning our archives is extremely reassuring and any queries or questions have been answered in a timely and helpful manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Catherine Wright, Archivist, Wicklow County Archives & Genealogy Service