BA Components


Client Details:

BA Components Case Study

Customer Name:BA Components

Location:Cookstown, Northern Ireland

The Problem

BA Components is one of the largest kitchen door manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. They operate a number of different software applications as part of the manufacturing process and were beginning to have problems with one such application which was becoming unresponsive and slower over time.

This 3rd party application was critical to the manufacturing process, running the workflow for the entire factory work-floor. Mallon Technology were contracted to identify the root cause of the issue and to update the software to ensure it ran more efficiently and reliably.

What We Did

Mallon Technology provided 3 highly qualified staff members to work on-site to troubleshoot, fix and update the existing 3rd party application.

The existing software application used a mixture of VB 6, various 3rd party libraries and Microsoft Access. The on-site team were able to quickly identify and fix the immediate problem. This was identified as a database problem which originated from the client's software running against Microsoft Access. Our team successfully migrated the data from MS Access to SQL Server as well as updating any relevant code to ensure that it now utilised SQL Server.

Upon implementation of the fix to the critical issue, the client retained our services to futher update several parts of the application and the development environment/process.

The Benefits

  • Issue was identified and fixed quickly due to the ability to deploy a team on-site
  • Upon completion of the upgrade, the new software ran responsively and reliably
  • Day to day manufacturing process were now able to continue as required without issues
  • Software fix meant BA Components were able to access more data, quickly, enabling them to expand and improve their manufacturing process

Why us:

  • Experience analysing software performance issues & implementing solutions
  • Ability to deploy staff to customer's location
  • Experience in managing & maintaining databases
  • Microsoft SQL Server experience
  • Highly experienced team of software developers
  • Proven project management capabilities

Services we provided: