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Client Details:

KN Network Services Case Study

Customer Name:KN Network Services


The Problem

KN Network Services (KNNS) are providers of civil engineering, wireless technology, fixed networks and project management services to the telecommunications, electricity and energy sectors.

KNNS required a ‘Before U Dig’ solution to replace the need to manually create location maps of below ground assets. Mallon Technology were commissioned by KNNS to develop a Utility System On Demand (USOD). This system is a web based mapping system that provides users with detailed, accurate layout maps and associated information on below ground assets for a specified area.

What We Did

A team of two highly experienced GIS developers and a GIS data specialist were used to build KN Network Service’s USOD GIS system. The project involved the completion of a number of separate tasks:

  • Development of a web-based GIS system, including features such as online digitising, redline mark-ups, print templates and a variety of searching functions
  • Conversion and preparation of OSi vector data
  • Conversion and preparation of GIS datasets delivered in a variety of formats
  • Integration of a gazetteer system for searching and locating
  • Testing and deployment of the system

The project was completed in Mallon Technology’s offices and then deployed to KN Network’s hosted data centre. This was deployed over a bank holiday weekend to minimise disruption to the client’s business operations.

The Benefits

  • KNNS are now able to easily access important information of underground assets in their location
  • The USOD is easily updated and maintained
  • The system can be accessed at any location
  • The system allows users to ‘Redline’ maps to share and collaborate markups and notes easily
  • The system outputs maps in PDF format for easy access

Why us:

  • GIS system development experience
  • Highly experienced GIS team
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited
  • Ability to migrate spatial and non-spatial data for use in systems
  • Consultancy and advice provided on systems and solutions
  • Vendor impartial – our solutions are developed based on the most appropriate system for the customer’s requirement

Services we provided: