Offaly Fire and Rescue Service


Client Details:

Offaly Fire and Rescue Service Case Study

Customer Name:Offaly Fire and Rescue Service


The Problem

Offaly Fire and Rescue Service are required by law to publish commencement notices as well as their status to the public. This had previously been done via local newspapers but information was slow to reach the public and resulted in a high volume of phone calls to Offaly Fire and Rescue Service from those seeking updates on the status of their commencement notices.

Offlay Fire and Resuce Service required the development of a commencement notices website which would automatically upload approved notices, provide status information for other notices and be easily accessible by the public.

What We Did

Mallon Technology created a service that automatically published commencement notices data straight from Diamond Fire to the local authority's website. This was done every night to ensure that any commencement notices that had been worked on were complete and that the public were able to access accurate up-to-date information.

The Benefits

  • Commencement notices are now published automatically by Diamond Fire when it has been printed
  • Offaly Fire and Rescue Service has been able to save significant amounts of money which were being spend on newspaper notices
  • Clients can now access their commencement notice decision quicker and no longer have to wait for the local paper to be published
  • Staff have been freed-up from phone calls inquiring about the status of commencement notices

Why us:

  • Highly experienced software development team
  • Experience working with Fire Services
  • Ability to develop and expand the Diamond Fire System