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Office of Public Works Case Study

Customer Name:Office of Public Works


The Problem

The Office of Public Works (OPW) is a central government organisation set up to ensure timely delivery of services and to provide value for money. The OPW is primarily responsible for estate portfolio management, heritage services, flood risk management and the national procurement service.

As the leading agency for flood risk management in Ireland, the OPW has access to vast datasets relating to all areas of flood management. Information held by the OPW is used by a number of other government agencies and on this occasion the Environmental Protection Agency requested a sample of river charts that they required to be digitally captured.

What We Did

In total, the project involved the digitisation of 1,783 hydrometric river charts.

The charts varied in size from A3 to A2 and was captured using specialist digitising boards and Kisters Digit software.

The Benefits

  • Captured information is used by the Environment Protection Agency for flood and water table planning
  • Information is now easily accessed for research purposes
  • Multiple users can access the same information at the same time

Why us:

  • Access to specialist equipment
  • Niche experience in digitising hydrometric charts
  • Highly experienced data capture technician team
  • Experience in Kisters Digit Software

Services we provided: