The Heritage Council


Client Details:

The Heritage Council Ireland Case Study

Customer Name:The Heritage Council


The Problem

The Heritage Council is a public body working in the public interest. It's priorities are to support jobs, education and heritage tourism in local communities. The Heritage Council strives to ensure that the value of our heritage is enjoyed, managed and protected for the vital contribution that it makes to our identity, well-being and future.

The Heritage Council are responsible for undertaking heritage site inspections for thousands of different monuments and historical locations throughout Ireland. The Heritage Council's Field Monument Advisors required a way to record all the site inspections they were carrying out.

What We Did

Mallon Technology provided The Heritage Council with a web-based centralised inspections recording system. This enabled their Field Monument Advisors to record inspections, catelogue new monuments and store photographs of the sites they had visited.

The Benefits

  • Centralised control and management of the inspection process
  • Easier access to information for field monument personnel
  • The system ensures that all monuments are inspected

Why us:

  • Highly experience software development team
  • Experience working with central government agencies and departments
  • Ability to develop bespoke solutions
  • Proven project management capabilities