Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service


Client Details:

Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service Case Study

Customer Name:Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service


The Problem

Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service required a workflow based software package to process and standardise their fire certificate, DAC & licence applications. To be included in the system is the ability to record inspections and complaints on individual premises under their jurisdiction.

What We Did

Mallon Technology installed our very own Diamond Fire package onto their IT systems. Diamond Fire has been developed specifically with the Fire Services in mind acting as a source for all relevant licensing, building control and fire certificate information.

As well as installing the Diamond Fire system, we facilitated the implementation of their existing data and letter templates into the system and trained staff on how to use it and adapt to the Diamond Fire system workflows.

Mallon Technology also undertook the scanning of all of Kilkenney Fire and Rescue Service's historical fire certificate files. Information from these files was used to generate digital fire certificates and premises on Diamond Fire, populating their system back to 1992.

Premises were then geo-referenced into Diamond Fire Map, allowing for premises details to be managed through a location based interface.

The Benefits

  • Staff now have quick and easy access to all files relating to an individual premises at the touch of a button
  • Staff no longer have to manually search through paper records, increasing the efficient running of the department
  • Diamond Fire allows for the statistical reporting on all data from the present day back to 1992
  • Scanning historical paper files has generated a complete and secure digital backup up of all their premises information
  • The full history of a premises can now be accessed and viewed
  • Multiple users can access the same file at the same time
  • Killkenny Fire and Rescue Service has significantly reduced its reliance on paper
  • A full audit trail is available on Diamond Fire ensuring correct procedures are being followed at all times

Why us:

  • Experienced software development team
  • Experience working with local fire services
  • Access to specialist equipment
  • Experience digitising fire certificate files
  • Ability to transcribe digital files into Diamond Fire System
  • Geospatial expertise