Cavan County Fire Service


Client Details:

Cavan County Fire Service Case Study

Customer Name:Cavan County Fire Service


The Problem

Cavan County Fire Service have a large paper archive of fire certificate files which were taking up a large amount of storage space and were wasting considerable staff time through the manual searching for relevant files.

Cavan County Fire Service wanted to create a digital back up of their archive to ensure the lasting integrity of their records for the foreseeable future. Additionally to this, Cavan County Fire Service required the capture of information from the records to be digitised and uploaded into their Document Management System, Diamond Fire. This would enable them to access all documentation related to an individual premises at the touch of a button.

What We Did

Mallon Technology Captured approximately 1000 fire certificate files for Cavan County Fire Service.

The project required Mallon Technology to undertake several large collections of files from Cavan County Fire Service Head Office, to our purpose-built document capture facility in Cookstown.

Initially, the files were prepared for scanning and scanned into our bespoke scanning application. This has been designed to our unique specifications by Mallon Technology's Software Development team. The application enables documents to be scanned in the specified format and accommodates the associated data capture of index information. Using the bespoke application affords us the adaptability to fulfil the varying requirements of each scanning project.

Each previously prepared section of the file was re-checked to and then placed in the A4/A3 production scanners. Each section was scanned at 300dpi and the attached index data was also captured. Any A2+ documents were signed out and passed to our large format section where they were individually scanned on a 42" scanner.

On completion of scanning and the associated index data capture, the scanned images were visually checked for any anomalies. From here, the images progressed to Quality Assurance where they were once again visually re-checked against the original document. The veracity of the index data captured was also re-checked by a Quality Assurance technician to ensure data integrity. Once a file had completed the Quality Assurance process it was restored to its original file state and signed back into the storage area for return back to Cavan County Fire Service Head Office.

Following this, the digital versions were signed into the data capture process where specific details were transcribed from the captured images in Cavan County Fire Service's software system, Mallon Technology's Diamond Fire.

The Benefits

  • Captured information is used by Cavan County Fire Service for future planning
  • Multiple users can access the same information at the same time
  • The Fire Service has been able to free-up important office space for alternative uses
  • A digital archive of the records has been created
  • Documents can be easily recovered in event of a disaster
  • Documents can now be quickly and easily accessed, speeding up the retrieval of information
  • Completion of the project enabled the local council to publish these documents to the web to ensure compliance with Freedom of Information legislation
  • Staff have been freed-up from counter duties, making them available for other tasks

Why us:

  • Access to specialist equipment
  • Experience in handling extremely large volumes of files
  • Hands on experience of Council's Document Management System - Diamond Fire
  • Ability to collect and return any documentation
  • Software development capabilities
  • Ability to transcribe captured data into the Diamond Fire system