Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government


Client Details:

Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government

Customer Name:Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government


The Problem

The Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government is responsible for promoting sustainable development and improving the quality of life through the protection of the environment, infrastructure provision, balanced regional development and good local government.

The department is home to a large collection of documents and records and required all their personnel and subject files to be digitally captured to allow for more efficient searching and access.

What We Did

Mallon Technology was required to data capture all of the Department's personnel and subject files. In total, o ver 500,000 pages of highly sensitive personnel related data was captured. The files dated from the 1950's to the present day.

The files were delivered and scanned in batches. Each file was scanned at 200dpi TIFF format and indexed using each person's PPS number. There were two files for each person (personnel file and subject file) and these were scanned in chronological order. The digital files were delivered in multipage TIFF format on DVD. Each batch of files delivered had an associated excel sheet detailing the contents of each batch of files and whether or not there were any anomalies.

Data confidentiality was at the core of the entire project. The data which was captured was private, confidential and highly sensitive. Mallon Technology implemented stringent processes and measures to ensure client confidentiality and maintain the security of highly sensitive data.

All document capture personnel were security vetted and signed confidentiality agreements before commencing work on the project.

The Benefits

  • Files can now be quickly and easily accessed at the touch of a button
  • Office space has been freed-up for alternative uses
  • Multiple users are able to access the same information at the same time
  • A digital archive of records has been created
  • Documents are easily recovered in event of a disaster
  • Staff are freed from counter duties, making them available for other tasks

Why us:

  • Access to specialist equipment
  • Experience handling extremely large volumes of files
  • Experience handling historical and delicate documents
  • Experience handling confidential data
  • Highly experienced team of document capture technicians

Services we provided: