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Edendork Primary School Case Study

Customer Name:Edendork Primary School


The Problem

Edendork Primary School is a small school with strong links to the surrounding community. In celebrating their centenary year, the school had been able to amass a large collection of registers and photographs. These formed an integral part of events held to celebrate their centenary.

Edendork Primary School wanted to further preserve the collection of historical photographs and registers for future generations of pupils whilst creating a secure digital backup of the records.

What We Did

Mallon Technology digitally captured over 300 historical and current photographs as well as the schools collection of attendance records.

The collection varied in size from A8 to A2 and was deemed to be in a reasonable condition with a minority that were considered delicate or fragile. All material up to A3 in size was captured using flatbed scanners, single page at a time to ensure the quality and integrity of the material. All material, A3 or bigger in size was captured using a specialist high resolution overhead book scanner.

All images were captured in preservation TIFF format at 300dpi with derivative PDF images also created. Documents were then passed through our 100% Quality Assurance process to ensure optimal quality throughout the dataset. The scans were delivered in TIFF/PDF format on DVD.

The Benefits

  • The collection has been securely backed up and are easily accessed in event of a disaster
  • The entire local community are now able to access and view the collection
  • The original and historical photographs will be further preserved and damage through handling prevented
  • Multiple users are able to access the collection at any one time

Why us:

  • Access to specialist equipment
  • Experience of photograph and historical digitisation
  • Experience handling historical and delicate documentation
  • Highly experienced team of document capture technicians

Services we provided: