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Defence Forces Ireland - Military Archives Case Study

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The Problem

The Military Archives (MA) is the official place of deposit for the records of the Defence Forces, the Department of Defence and the Army Pensions Board. One of the collections held by the MA is the National Army Census Records collection. The collection is a great historical resource for both family and local historians and the MA wanted to digitise the collection to assist in its preservation whilst allowing for greater access.

What We Did

The collection of National Army Census records contained 10 handwritten books with each book comprising of approximately 800 pages. Each page was A2 in size and they were captured using a specialist high resolution camera and large format camera stand.

Once captured, every page was passed through our quality assurance procedures to ensure the highest standard of image was produced.

The Benefits

  • The collection is now available online, providing access to numerous people who previously wouldn't have had access
  • Researchers are able to provide new insights into the lives of those serving in the armed forces
  • Multiple people can access the same record at any one time
  • The physical paper records will be preserved and protected from handling damage
  • A digital archive has been created ensuring records can be recovered in event of a disaster

Why us:

  • Access to specialist equipment
  • Ability to work on customer's site
  • Team of highly skilled document capture technicians
  • Experience handling delicate and sensitive documents