Industries: Housing & Property Management

Spatial solutions for the Housing & Property Industry

Securing the perfect location can define success for any project in the housing industry but in an ever evolving, changing market place which is inundated with vast volumes of data, finding the right location is becoming increasingly difficult. Here at Mallon Technology, location is at the heart of everything we do and our expertise in handling and analysing spatial data is unrivalled.

We specialise in the development of spatially enabled and document capture solutions which are designed to maximise the potential behind your data. Whether you are looking to analyse your data, visualise information, manage assets or capture your documents, our solutions enable you turn your data into decisions.

Areas of Expertise:

Document Capture

  • Large format scanning
  • Forms processing
  • Backfile scanning

GIS and Remote Sensing

  • Georeferencing of data
  • Asset management
  • Data analysis
  • Data capture
  • Visualisation of information

Software Development

  • Bespoke application development

Who we've worked with: