Industries: Environmental

GIS & Remote Sensing Solutions to help Protect the Environment

Protecting and maintaining our natural environment involves numerous individuals working across a range of varying landscapes and terrain. Working in the field poses a number of challenges, not least, accessing, maintaining, reporting and updating critical environmental information and records.

At Mallon Technology we are specialists in the provision of GIS and GPS technologies and solutions to help you effectively manage, analyse, collect and display information gathered directly from the field. Our solutions have been developed to assist you in remote locations whether you are looking to monitor assets, collect and analyse data, manage and visualise information or access the latest photogrammetric data, we are able to meet any of your requirements.

Areas of Expertise:

Document Capture

  • Hydrometric chart digitisation

GIS and Remote Sensing

  • GIS analysis
  • Asset management
  • Detailed land use coverage
  • GPS tracing
  • Data visualisation

Software Development

  • e-Inspect field application software
  • GIS software development

Who we've worked with: