Industries: Education

Document Management Control for Educational Institutions

We understand that the education industry is a fast paced, stressful, results orientated environment. Whether it is exam results, pupil details, statistic reports, education materials or training information, education centres are now producing and consuming vast quantities of data on an almost daily basis.

Our expertise in data management and the education industry means we are best placed to help you effectively control your information flow. Our solutions feature simple and intuitive indexing of all your current records as well as the digitisation of past records to enable quick and seamless access to any information at the touch of a button. We will put you back in control of your data allowing you to focus on the delivery of education services.

Areas of Expertise:

Document Capture

  • Data integration
  • Data indexing
  • Forms processing
  • Book scanning

GIS and Remote Sensing

  • Asset management
  • Data analysis

Software Development

  • Diamond Suite of business process software
  • Bespoke application development

Who we've worked with: