Industries: Building Control and Planning

Business Process Solutions for Building Control & Planning Departments

We recognise that within building control and planning departments, access to accurate reliable information, precise timing and data management are critical factors in the delivery of an efficient consistent service. Increased data flows have made tracking and managing your business workflows ever more complicated and time consuming.

We are specialists in the management and control of your data. By integrating technology into your business processes we ensure that your information works effectively for you, resulting in a more productive work flow. Our comprehensive business process solutions follow a standardised and logical approach to managing data which allows you to focus on the delivery of your service.

Areas of Expertise:

Document Capture

  • Integration of historical and present data
  • Forms processing

GIS & Remote Sensing

  • Data capture
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualisation

Software Development

  • Diamond Suite of business process software
  • Bespoke application development
  • GIS application development

Who we've worked with: