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Downstream Space Industry Services & Expertise

We are living in a space enabled age, where satellites in orbit around the planet not only effect our everyday lives but actively control, support and inform them. As satellite services are becoming increasingly available. accessible and affordable, their potential to support and inform your business or organisation in the form of new innovative solutions is growing.

Mallon Technology is at the forefront of the space enabled industry in the UK and Ireland, providing our customers with earth observation services that give them a detailed picture of what is really happening in their world. We are specialists in the handling and processing of satellite imagery and remote sensing data from earth observation satellites which help us to monitor and protect our environment, manage resources, respond to disasters and enable sustainable development.

The space industry is an ever changing landscape with new innovative technologies helping to drive down costs and increase access to information generated from satellites. This coupled with the European Space Agency's Sentinel series of satellites (the world's largest single earth observation programme) and Galileo global navigation satellite system set to become fully operational by the end of the decade, there will be an unprecedented amount of data that is freely available on the health and status of our planet.

Data or imagery gathered from satellites has the potential to benefit almost any business with a virtually unlimited range of applications. Some of the most common uses of satellites include the measure of ground movement, identification and categorisation of land use, analysis of soil composition and monitoring of crop health, tracking the movement and flow of people and goods and the analysis of atmospheric conditions and pollution levels.

With our experience and expertise in the space industry, the processing of satellite imagery and handling of large datasets, we are best placed to help your organisation take advantage of the greater availability in data to deliver fresh insights that could improve your business.

Areas of Expertise:

GIS & Remote Sensing

  • Detailed land use & land cover mapping
  • Terrain analysis
  • Flood risk modeling & analysis
  • Land parcel identification
  • Soil survey mapping & quality assesment
  • Crop health monitoring
  • GPS tracing & surveying
  • Asset Management

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