Industries: National Government

GIS Services for National Governments & their Departments

In an increasingly interconnected world which is becoming over loaded by the generation of new data, national governments are turning to new technologies in an effort to engage citizens and improve services through the effective distribution and management of information. Handling and tracking of enormous amounts of data brings significant challenges to governments, reducing the effectiveness of individual departments, resulting in a reduced focus on service delivery.

Our 20 years of experience working directly with national governments and their departments has proven we have the skills and technical expertise to deliver large scale GIS and data management projects. We specialise in the management and control of your data, integrating technology to ensure information works for you, resulting in considerable improvements to departmental operational efficiency. Our solutions will help you to meet mandates, track and evaluate activities and perform analyses that will ultimately lead to better more informed decision making, improved transparency and greater accountability.

Areas of Expertise:

Document Capture

  • Data integration
  • File management
  • Backfile services
  • Data capture

GIS and Remote Sensing

  • Land digitising services
  • Mapping services
  • Remote sensing services
  • Public information display
  • Asset management
  • Data visualisation

Software Development

  • Bespoke application development
  • GIS application development

Who we've worked with: