Industries: Local Government

GIS Services for Local Governments & their Departments

Under increasing pressure to reduce expenditure and scale back services, local governments are progressively seeking ways to provide well managed streamlined services for its residents that offer better value for money. We recognise that access to accurate reliable information, management of data and the maintenance of records all pose significant challenges to improving local government services.

With a vast array of experience working with local government organisations throughout Ireland, our services have been specifically developed to improve performance and drive efficiencies. We specialise in the optimisation of your spatial data allowing for significant improvements to your business processes enabling more effective planning, monitoring and management of your assets and services. Our practical cost effective business solutions will deliver operational efficiencies that allow you to fully focus on delivering improved services throughout your region.

Areas of Expertise:

Document Capture

  • Backfile scanning
  • Data integration
  • Forms processing

GIS and Remote Sensing

  • Route optimisation
  • Report generation
  • Asset management
  • Public information display

Software Development

  • Diamond Suite of business process software

Who we've worked with: