OSNI Map & Data Distributor

Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland Map & Data Distributor

The only Mid Ulster licensed supplier of Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) map products. Open to both private organisations and members of the public, we can supply users with a range of OSNI map and data products.

OSNI products are among the most comprehensive in the world, providing users with an unprecedented amount of detail. Contact us below to learn more about the range of OSNI products we provide.

OSNI Map & Data Products include:

  • ACEmaps


    ACEmaps are large scale location maps for Northern Ireland which are used to show site specific areas. These are a necessary requirement for first time land registration, planning and building control applications. We provide up-to-date, accurate ACEmaps in 1:1250 or 1:2500 scales to assist organisations and individuals in their successful planning applications.

  • Historical Mapping

    Historical Mapping

    Geo-referenced raster data for over 20,000 historical maps, in Northern Ireland, dating from 1835 to the 1960’s is available. These maps are of significant cultural and social value and provide a unique insight into our local heritage.

  • Raster Mapping

    Raster Mapping

    Raster maps are the simplest form of digital mapping, consisting of a digitally scanned version of a paper map which has been geo-referenced to its exact location. Maps are supplied in 1:250000, 1:50000 and 1:10000 scales with each map providing a greater degree of topographical detail.

  • Vector Mapping

    Vector Mapping

    Vector maps are a digital representation of topographic map features which can be manipulated with attributed points, lines and polygons. Vector maps are available in a range of data formats for use in a GIS. By combining these with other datasets you can greatly increase the functionality of any data you possess.

  • Orthophotography


    Orthophotographs are created from high quality aerial images, which provide a detailed bird’s eye view of the landscape. All photos are taken in optimal weather conditions and all distortions are rectified before the images are published.

  • Map Customisation

    Map Customisation

    We offer associated mapping services such as editing and customisation of mapping, including labelling and marking out sites as well as overlaying townland boundaries on to aerial photography.

  • Map Copies

    Map Copies

    All OSNI map products are available as a hardcopy or in digital format for use in a GIS.

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