Azimap Web GIS

Azimap is providing organisations with the tools to transform the way they access, consume & analyse their data.

With powerful visualisation and analysis tools, Azimap is making web GIS a viable alternative to desktop systems, helping organisations to support strategic decision making, improve performance and enhance service delivery.

As exclusive worldwide resellers, we can provide value added services to your Azimap experience. Built upon the advanced features of Azimap, we can create custom applications that are unique to your business requirements, ensuring you maximise your usage and investment in geographic information.

To see how Azimap could be utilised within your organisation, why not experience it for yourself by signing up for Free for 30 days. Alternatively, get in touch below to arrange a product demonstration and see how we can tailor your Azimap experience around your requirements.

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Benefits of Azimap

  • GIS Access for All - User-friendly and simplified tools enable anyone to create maps, access data and share information
  • Powerful Data Analysis - The functionality of a desktop system, now available on the web. Build advanced spatial queries with no specialist or technical knowledge required
  • Improved Organisational Collaboration - Quickly and easily share data securely, across teams and departments, transforming the way staff collaborate on important projects
  • Easy Integration - Modernise data management processes with the seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures
  • Central Data Repository - Regain control over how your organisational data is used and accessed with maps and data available from one central location
  • All-Inclusive Pricing - What you see is what you get, with all features and tools included as standard with unlimited usage at no-extra cost and no need to purchase additional credits

Azimap Capabilities

  • Map Creation

    Map Creation

    Work smarter and free yourself from lengthy map creation processes, with the quickest map development tools available.

    Map Creation Tools

  • Data Visualisation

    Data Visualisation

    Create beautiful looking, insightful maps in an instant, with no prior coding knowledge required.

    Data Visualisation Tools

  • Analysis


    The most powerful & user-friendly analysis tools in a web GIS, enabling complex analysis tasks to be completed in seconds.

    Analysis Tools

  • Integration


    Improve collaboration across teams or departments and transform the way your organisation manages its data.

    Integration Tools

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