Azimap Web GIS

Create the maps that matter to your business with Azimap web GIS. As exclusive worldwide resellers, we can provide value added services to your Azimap experience.

With Azimap, it is possible to capture, store, integrate and manipulate various layers of spatial data on a single map. Advanced data visualisation tools enable you to visualise, interpret and understand patterns and trends in your data, whilst the powerful spatial analysis tools will help you gain a fresh perspective into your spatial data to determine actionable insights.

With over 20 years' experience providing GIS solutions to public and private sector companies throughout the UK and Ireland, we are best placed to further enhance your GIS experience. Built upon the advanced features of Azimap, we can create custom spatial applications which are unique to your business and that will help to map the data that really matters to you.

Available FREE for 30 days, Sign Up Now to experience how Azimap can help create the maps that matter to your business or get in touch to arrange a product demonstration and see how we can tailor your Azimap experience around your requirements.

Benefits of Azimap

  • Collaboration - Promote collaboration and open communication between teams to improve deliverables and transparency
  • Compatibility - Integrate Azimap with existing IT infrastructures and create a central repository for your spatial data
  • Itelligent - Appreciate the value of place by displaying and analysing your spatial data on a OSM, Google, Bing or Here baselayer
  • Intuitive Interface - Manage your spatial data, maps and GI requirements from a centralised repository to identify relationships in your data
  • Onboarding Support - Dedicated customer support team will help you get started with Azimap

Features of Azimap

  • Map Creation

    Map Creation

    Manage, publish and share spatial data and display it on a baselayer which best contextualises your data.

    Map Creation
  • Data Visualisation

    Data Visualisation

    Quickly import spatial data to visualise, analyse, interpret and identify relationships, patterns and key trends in your data.

    Data Visualisation
  • Spatial Analysis

    Spatial Analysis

    Gain valuable insights in your spatial data to establish relationships and strategically plan remedial action.

    Spatial Analysis
  • Integrate with Existing Infrastructures

    Integrate with Existing Infrastructures

    Synchronise and display your data in real-time. Integrate with existing processes and create a secure centralised database for your spatial data.

    Integrate with Existing Infrastructures

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