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Large Format Scanning & Printing

Large Format Document Scanning & Printing Services Ireland

With years of experience in the data capture industry we realise the importance of being able to effectively manage and display your large documents. Our large format scanning solution significantly improves access to and management of all your large files.

We operate a sophisticated scanning system that is capable of capturing every detail of your documents, regardless of size, whilst ensuring that the integrity of your document is secured at all times. Our system has the capacity to scan documents up to 1068mm wide (A0+) to virtually any height and up to a thickness of 15mm. Images can be captured in the digital format of your choice and indexed to your precise specifications.

Whether for a one off scan or an entire back catalogue, we can cost effectively scan your large format documents.

Applications of Large Format Scanning

  • Advertising

  • Architect Drawings

  • Artwork

  • Building Plans

  • Engineering Drawings

  • Historic Documents

  • Historic Maps

  • Posters

Benefits of Large Format Scanning

  • Improved Access to Files

    Improved Access to Files

    Files can be accessed at the touch of a button and easily shared with clients or colleagues

  • Document Display

    Document Display

    Files can be made viewable online or throughout an organisation

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    A secure digital backup ensures you will always have access to a copy of your documents

  • Improved Storage Management

    Improved Storage Management

    Large Format files can be stored permanently, freeing up office space for more productive use

  • Create Quality Reproductions

    Create Quality Reproductions

    Exact replicas of your files can be printed for use within your organisation, helping to further preserve the integrity and quality of the original documents

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