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Our data capture service has been specifically developed to enable you to get the most out of your information reliably and quickly. Our highly skilled data capture technicians are vastly experienced in converting the data on your paper documents into usable information which can be easily searched, retrieved, analysed or manipulated.

We employ the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies to automatically process your documents and capture the content within them. Where this is not possible our experienced data capture technicians are able to quickly and accurately capture your data.

Whether you require manual data entry or automatic data capture we can provide the most effective solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Data Capture

  • Hydrometric Chart Digitisation

    Hydrometric Chart Digitisation

    Mallon Technology is one of the only companies in the UK with the specialist expertise and project experience to undertake hydrometric chart digitisation.

    Hydrometric charts contain historical water level records stretching back centuries. Historically, water level data was collected using autographic water level recorders. This provides a continuous trace of water level on weekly charts using a float and counterweight system that moves a pen on a spindle via a pulley and gearing mechanism.

    Water level records are collected at a network of water level stations operated by local authorities throughout the country and provide an invaluable insight into how river levels have fluctuated over a large period of time.

    Hydrometric chart digitisation entails the use of digitising boards, which are the only means of ensuring the required accuracy level, to plot water level against time. The collected data can then be exploited using software for research, flood and disaster planning purposes.

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  • Forms Processing

    Forms Processing

    Using a standardised form input system we can quickly capture critical business content accurately and reliably. Whether it is invoices, purchase orders or application forms we can automatically capture the information directly from the forms and index them into a fully searchable and editable database. This significantly reduces your reliance on paper saving your organisation time from the manual input and searching for data.

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