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Backfile Large Volume Scanning Services Ireland

Do you have a large volume of documents in storage? Has finding and accessing your documents become an issue? Our Backfile Scanning solution is ideal for organisations in which a large quantity of information needs to be digitally captured. We specialise in processing large volumes of documents and are best placed to guide you in your transition to a digital office.

Backfile scanning converts all of your historical, physical records into the digital format of your choice. Through the use of our bespoke audit trail software all digital files are indexed according to your specifications allowing for easy access and future management of all your records.

With one of the most experienced data capture teams in Ireland, we will ensure that your documents are handled confidentially and securely throughout the conversion process, adhering to stringent quality and security standards.

Features of our Service

  • Full conversion of all your paper and physical records
  • Over 80,000 documents can be scanned per day
  • Capacity to scan any document size from A8 to the Supersized A0
  • Documents can be captured in any digital format type
  • Ability to scan any document type including; project files, correspondences, invoices, purchase orders, books/magazines, pictures, maps, drawings and any other document type
  • On-site or off-site scanning - we are able to process your documents either at your own premises or back in our offices

Benefits of Backfile Scanning

  • Improved Access to Files

    Improved Access to Files

    Files can be accessed at the touch of a button and can be easily shared with clients or colleagues

  • Document Display

    Document Display

    Files can be made viewable online or throughout an organisation

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    A secure digital backup ensures you will always have access to a copy of your documents

  • Create Quality Reproductions

    Create Quality Reproductions

    Exact replicas of your files can be printed for use within your organisation, helping to further preserve the integrity and quality of the original documents

  • Improved Storage Management

    Improved Storage Management

    Large format files can be stored permanently, freeing up office space for more productive use

  • Save Time

    Save Time

    Reduce the time staff spend searching for paper documents. Files can be searched and accessed with the touch of a button by multiple people, at the same time.

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