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Bulk Scanning

Bulk Scanning Large Volume Document Capture

Specialising in the digitisation of large volumes of paper documents, we can assist any organisation in their digital transformation process. Bulk scanning is ideal for any organisation looking to move to a paperless office or with a significant quantity of information stored on physical records.

Our bulk scanning services can capture entire archives of physical records and index them to your specifications. Creating an easily searchable and retrievable digital catalogue of your documents will help your organisation to better manage its data to comply with GDPR legislation.

With one of the most experienced data capture teams in Ireland, we will ensure that your documents are handled confidentially and securely throughout the conversion process, adhering to stringent internationally recognised quality and security standards.

Bulk Scanning Processes

  • Full conversion of all your paper and physical records
  • Capacity to scan over 80,000 documents per day
  • All document sizes can be captured from A8 to supersized A0
  • Documents can be captured in any digital format type
  • Ability to scan any document type including; project files, correspondences, invoices, purchase orders, books/magazines, pictures, maps, drawings and any other document type
  • Documents can be scanned & processed either on-site or off-site
  • Systems, processes & practices that comply with ISO 9001 for quality & ISO 27001 for information security management

Benefits of Bulk Scanning

  • Document Traceability

    Document Traceability

    Retain full control over your documents by setting user access rights to any or all of your records and increase efficiency with multiple user access for individual documents. Audit trails can be compiled to maintain security and check only approved staff are accessing sensitive documentation.

  • Instant Searching

    Instant Searching

    Improve organisation productivity by removing the need to manually search for documents & information. Using the latest OCR & ICR techniques, scanned images can be converted into searchable text, enabling the right information to be found in an instant.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Never lose access to your important physical records by digitally backing up all your documents. Even in worst case scenarios, scanned documents can be recovered to ensure the continued smooth operation of your business.

  • Share Information

    Share Information

    High quality digital scans enable data to be shared easily across an organisation, improving project collaboration, bringing teams closer together and reducing unnecessary data duplication.

  • Envrionment


    Eliminating paper from your business processes will help to significantly reduce your organisation's carbon footprint and help contribute towards your environmental targets.

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce Costs

    With digital access to all your physical records you will remove the need for storage and access fees whilst saving valuable office space in the process.

  • Maximise Document Usage

    Maximise Document Usage

    Exploit the information & data contained within your physical records by providing easy access to documents that would otherwise have remained hidden in storage.

  • GDPR Complicance

    GDPR Complicance

    Create an easily searchable & retrievable digital catalogue of your records that can facilitate subject data requests & ensure compliance with GDPR legislation.

  • Secure Paper Shredding

    Secure Paper Shredding

    Safely and securely dispose of your paper documents following their digital capture to reduce storage costs, free up office space and protect your sensitive data.

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