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Archival Scanning Historical Document Preservation Ireland

Historical books and documents form an important part of our history and heritage. Preserving such historical records for future generations has become a serious issue, as time and increased usage begins to take its toll on the quality and integrity of many historical documents.

Mallon Technology specialises in the protection and preservation of historical documents. With a vast amount of experience handling delicate and historical documents our archival scanning solution has been designed to ensure that your historical archives will be protected and maintained for future use.

We have worked with many different document types including charts, log books, registers and loose leaf folders and are able to capture any hard copy format to the digital format of your preference. Our trained data capture technicians ensure your documents are handled with care at all times guaranteeing no damage to the original documents with gloves and protective coverings used for all delicate documents.

Benefits of Archival Scanning

  • On-Site Scanning

    On-Site Scanning

    Delicate or valuable documents can be scanned on-site to satisfy any security or insurance requirements

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Rare or valuable documents are backed up electronically, ensuring you will always be able to access a copy of your records

  • Simultaneous Access

    Simultaneous Access

    Multiple users are able to access the same document at the same time. This vastly increases the amount of research that can be carried out on any one document

  • Computerised Cataloguing and Searching

    Computerised Cataloguing and Searching

    Using the latest data capture techniques scanned images can be converted into searchable text. This enables key word searches on any document type, helping to improve productivity and research facilities

  • Prevent Document Deterioration

    Prevent Document Deterioration

    Digital copies ensure that the original does not need to be accessed for research purposes, helping in efforts to preserve valuable and rare documents

  • Increased Access to Research

    Increased Access to Research

    Hidden archival records which are too valuable or delicate to display can be opened up to allow research to be carried out on them

  • Create Quality Reproductions

    Create Quality Reproductions

    Exact replicas of your files can be printed for use within your organisation, helping to further preserve the integrity and quality of the original documents

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