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Archival Scanning

Archival Scanning Services Ireland

Help protect your historical archives and preserve important books, records and documents that form an invaluable part of our shared history and heritage for future generations.

As time and increased usage takes its toll on the quality and integrity of many historical documents, our archival scanning service will help to capture and safeguard your charts, log books, registers and loose-leaf folders in the digital format of your choice.

With decades of industry experience handling delicate and historical documentation, our highly trained data capture technicians will ensure your archives are always handled with the upmost care, returning them to you in their original condition.

Benefits of Archival Scanning

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Never lose access to documents that form an important part of our collective history & heritage by digitally backing up an entire resource. Even in worst case scenarios, a copy of your rare or valuable documents will always be accessible.

  • Instant Searching

    Instant Searching

    Using the latest OCR & ICR techniques, scanned images can be converted into searchable text, enabling keyword searches on any document. This will improve productivity & research facilities, helping users to easily find the information they need.

  • Share Information

    Share Information

    High quality digital scans enable information & research findings to be shared easily with people, organisations or the public, helping to maximise the use of important historical resources.

  • Maximise Document Usage

    Maximise Document Usage

    Exploit the information & data contained within your valuable historical records by providing access to documents that would otherwise have remained hidden in storage.

  • On-Site Scanning

    On-Site Scanning

    We can satisfy any security or insurance requirements by scanning your valuable & delicate historical documents on location.

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce Costs

    Improved access to your historical archives will reduce the retrieval and access costs associated with rare or valuable documents.

  • Improve Document Traceability

    Improve Document Traceability

    Retain full control over your archives by setting user access rights to any or all of your historic documents and enable multiple user access for individual documents to increase efficiency.

  • Preserve your Historical Records

    Preserve your Historical Records

    Help prevent deterioration of important historical documents & records by providing access to digital copies, ensuring the original can be stored safely without risk of damage or depreciation.

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