Mallon Technology

Case Study

Northern Ireland Water

The Client

Northern Ireland Water provides water and sewerage services to 1.8million people daily across Northern Ireland.  

The Problem

In order to deliver their services, Northern Ireland Water requires a huge system of pipes, pumping stations, water treatment works and reservoirs.  Northern Ireland Water operates 26,700km of water mains and 15,200km of sewers, all of which were maintained by paper records and maps.

Northern Ireland Water required skilled personnel who could assist in the implementation and completion of a series of GIS related projects.

What We Did

Mallon contracted a team of highly experienced staff to work under the instruction of Northern Ireland Water’s employees to ensure that a series of projects were completed quickly and efficiently.  Projects included:

  • The provision of Mallon’s skilled GIS staff for the purpose of capturing the water and sewer network data onto Northern Ireland Water’s GIS system from historical archives
  • Updating and amending the existing digital network and addition of new developments and assets to the existing network
  • Assessing and correcting anomalies and snags in digital records and site surveys
  • The provision of skilled GIS personnel to the Major Incident Planning Team for the preparation of contingency plans for major incidents, modelling GIS techniques to illustrate the importance of information and how information on priority customers and affected areas in a major incident could be gathered quickly

The Benefits

  • Through the use of Mallon’s GIS staff, Northern Ireland Water were able to scale up quickly to meet the peaks in workload demands
  • Our GIS personnel are all highly trained and experienced with a core focus on quality and ensuring all customer requirements were met within the necessary time scales
  • Our GIS personnel were able to integrate into Northern Ireland Water’s existing GIS team and be at full production in a very short time frame