Mallon Technology

Case Study

Limerick Council

The Client

Limerick County is situated in the heart of the Irish Mid–West, with a population of over 190,000 and the third largest city in Ireland.  Limerick City & County Council is responsible for all the local services in the city and county regions.   

The Problem

Limerick City & County Council has an extensive property portfolio which had become hard to manage and maintain a complete view of their assets.  They recognised the need to simplify their property portfolio management by combining all property data in one centralised system that would allow them to make informed decisions about property management.  They required a solution that could manage all aspects of a property’s lifespan, from pre–acquisition to disposal while also being secure, robust and scalable.

What We Did

We installed our software solution, Property Portfolio Register (PPR), into the council.  PPR is a desktop application built to facilitate the management of land assets within a council.  The system includes our mapping software, Azimap, providing an interactive and powerful digitising tool and including the capability of searching for data directly from the map.  Inbuilt checks and balances within PPR help to reduce the risk of errors, and the full audit trail maintains accountability throughout the software.  The comprehensive reporting provides a better insight into the property data and any associated utilisation, interest, or burden which in turn supports the council in its strategic objectives and priorities, helping to minimise risk.

The Benefits

Limerick City and County Council were able to achieve their key objective of operating and maintaining a single GIS–based, digital database of existing property and assets.  PPR has enabled all aspects of a property’s lifespan to be managed from pre–acquisition to disposal.

Property Portfolio Register has helped to simplify local authority property management by combining all property asset data in on centralised system.  This allows the council to get a complete view of their assets, visualise relationships between property interests, reduce the duplication of work and make informed decisions about their property management.  

PPR has greatly improved efficiencies through greater visibility, ease of use and reporting applications.

‘‘Mallon has provided Limerick City & County Council with a secure and fully integrated software system that will equip us going forward in the recording, management and continuous review of our property portfolio. The system to–date has greatly improved efficiencies through greater visibility, ease of use and reporting applications. To be in a position to retrieve data on any Council property at a ‘touch of a button’ has significantly improved work practices while at the same time satisfying out requirements and obligations from an audit perspective. The benefits to Limerick City & County Council using this system are visible immediately and we are looking forward to using the software for many years to come.’’

Brian Hickey, Property & Communities Facilities, Community Tourism & Culture Directorate