Mallon Technology

Case Study

Fold Housing Association

The Client

Fold Housing Association provides housing, care and support to over 30,000 homes throughout Northern Ireland.

The Problem

Fold store a large number of paper reports and drawings relating to the houses they look after in their offices.  These had begun to take up a large amount of storage space and time was being wasted searching for any necessary documents.

Fold required a fully searchable digital backup of their records to be created.

What We Did

In total there were over 2,500 large format building and engineering drawings and 103 asbestos survey reports which needed to be captured.

The building and engineering drawings were captured using our large format scanner at 300dpi.  As the asbestos survey reports contained text, images, tables and charts they were first scanned to PDF format before being passed through our OCR engine to make them fully searchable.

The Benefits

  • Office space has been freed–up for alternative uses
  • Searching and retrieving documents is now much easier and quicker
  • A digital backup of files is now available in case of the need for disaster recovery
  • Documents can be searched for using keywords and terms
  • Documents can be shared and accessed by multiple users at the same time