Mallon Technology

Case Study

Environmental Protection Agency

The Client

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for ensuring that Ireland’s environment is protected.  Changes in environmental trends are constantly monitored to detect early warning signs of neglect or deterioration.  

The Problem

As part of the EPA’s monitoring efforts, river height data is continually collected across the country.

The EPA required their chart data to be available to all members of staff throughout the agency.  River level figures needed to be accessible from any office without the need to locate and find the original hard copy charts.

What We Did

In total, Mallon digitised and captured data from over 85,000 hydrometric river charts.  The carts varied in size from A3 to A2 and data was captured using digitising boards and the use of specialised Kisters digit software.

The Benefits

  • Captured information is used by the Environment Protection for flood and water table planning
  • Time taken to complete these tasks has been reduced from weeks/months to minutes
  • Information is now easily accessed for research purposes
  • Multiple users can access the same information at the same time
  • Charts were beginning to get old and faded, by digitally capturing the river level data the original charts can be further preserved for future generations
  • Improved future planning due to increased access to historical information