Mallon Technology

Case Study


The Client

EnergyPro is the largest independent wind farm management company in Ireland, specialising in the management and analysis of operational wind farms.

The Problem

EnergyPro were seeking a way to better leverage and utilise the data generated from the wind farms they managed.  Specifically, they wanted to explore the possibility of using live data feeds from individual wind farms as a tool for training electricity.

What We Did

Mallon’s software development team produced an initial proposal for EnergyPro detailing how we could develop their idea into a proof of concept.

This was developed as a Microsoft Azure hosted solution on which we build a web–portal for access and management of all the data generated by the wind farms EnergyPro operate.

For the portal, we were required to set up communications in the cloud with multiple physical locations.  Called GenWatch, the web portal is the interface for all the data collected from the wind farms, displaying them so that it can be easily analysed and monitored.  The data collected from the wind farms is supplemented with maintenance schedule information, enabling users to easily identify turbine downtime and expected periods of reduced or no production.

The Benefits

  • The web portal has proven EnergyPro’s concept, enabling them to use live data feeds as a tool for trading electricity
  • Traders and forecasters can now access live wind farm data and maintenance information, enabling electricity to be traded more efficiently
  • Data is accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any device with access to a browser
  • GenWatch helps EnergyPro to meet their electricity production obligations based on their sales commitments
  • Electricity productions targets can be easily identified to determine how much surplus can be traded on the open market

Mallon Technology were very proactive and really responsive.

‘‘Mallon Technology were very proactive and really responsive, demonstrating a genuine interest in the project and what we were trying to deliver. The final outcome surpassed our expectations and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mallon Technology based on their excellent performance.’’

Aidan Gleeson, Project Manager, EnergyPro