Mallon Technology Attend CAPIGI 2014

Fri 9th May 2014

CAPIGI Conference 2014

Recently Eric Hardiman and Niamh O’Keeffe attended the annual Conference on Agricultural Policy Implementation and Geo-Information, in Amsterdam.

CAPIGI aims to bring together governments, industry and research to discuss the impact of geo-information in implementing agricultural policy. The theme of the conference this year was ‘Connecting the Future’. This aimed to set out the challenges that lie ahead of us to meet the needs of society and to discuss the role of geo-information technology, tools and data in addressing those challenges.

Talks centred around a number of different issues including the use of imagery to improve crop rotation and soil health, precision farming, the connected farm, use of UAV’s in crop monitoring and climate smart agriculture. There was also a series of workshops that explored new technologies aimed to address the issues raised within the talks.

The technology on show included new UAV’s for crop monitoring, the European Copernicus and Galileo space programmes, the use of open data in agriculture, the use of LiDAR and other datasets in the implementation of the CAP and the sensoring and monitoring of pastures and stables.

The conference has given us a great insight into the challenges faced in the agricultural industry and how new geo-technologies and methods could potentially be used to solve those issues. It has also allowed us to play a part in any discussions on policy change and the implementation of new technologies enabling us to provide the most up to date and accurate service to our clients.