IBCI Building Control Conference 2014

Fri 4th Apr 2014

IBCI Building Control Conference 2014

Yesterday Frank Hagenson attended the Irish Building Control Institute’s Building Control Conference which this year was held in Sligo.

The IBCI event is aimed at practitioners in the field of Building control in Ireland. This includes Building Control Officers, Planners, Fire Officers, Engineers and Architects. Attending the event were around 160 delegates.

This year there has been major change in the sector, with the introduction on March 1 of new legislation for building control and a new centralised, online system for the management of the building control process.

Talks were arranged around giving opinion on the new legislation from different industry perspectives – Building Control Officer, Chief Fire Officer, Architect, Surveyor, and well as giving an overview of what is different about the new legislation from the previous version, and an overview of architecture of the centralised IT system. In general the views were very positive, except for that of the Chief Fire Officer, who could see many problems with the legislation from a Fire Service view point.

From attending the conference Frank has been able to gain an understanding of how the new legislation will impact our current products and future plans as well as giving him an idea of some of the challenges our customers will face with the new legislation.