Programmable City Launch

Thu 27th Mar 2014

This week Justin Kidd attended the launch of the Programmable City Project at NUI Maynooth, headed by Prof Rob Kitchin, director of the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis, and funded by a European Research Council award. This research project aims to explore the concept of the smart city, and how software makes a difference to our urban lives - socially, spatially and economically.

The project was officially launched by the Minister for Research and Innovation, Sean Sherlock, TD, with the well-attended event featuring some very interesting presentations from a variety of international guest speakers.

The engaging topics discussed, and the areas for research outlined by those involved in the project, further underline the increasing value of spatial data in relation to many aspects of our everyday lives and to smart city technologies; from wearable personal activity trackers like Fitbit, to city transport schemes such as Dublin bikes.

Of particular intrest to Mallon Technology was Dr Gavin McArdle's presentation on Dublin Dashboard - his work in progress on an information hub that collates various data sources and presents them in an accessable, spatially-focused way, facilitating the analysis of population, business, economic and environmental datasets, as well as real-time data such as transport, weather, and human activity levels around the city.

To read further into the project visit the Programmable City's website.