Survey Ireland Conference 2013

Tue 28th May 2013

On Thursday March 21 Kris Frydryk and Dariusz Studencki attended the Survey Ireland 2013 Conference. It was hosted for the second year in the row by the Dublin Institute of Technology. Here is Kris's account of the day:

This year, “Ireland’s premier event for Geomatics practitioners” attracted many renowned speakers with academic and industrial backgrounds, as well as an ever-growing number of attendees with an interest in geospatial technology.

The key-note speaker, Frank Prendergast from DIT, started the conference with an overview of his long-term career and his input in Irish geo-science, as well as his involvement in the latest geo-informatic projects. He was followed by a number of guests representing academic and government institutions: DIT, OSI, GSI, as well as private companies: ASM Ireland; Murphy Surveys; and RealSim.

A very engaging talk was dedicated to UAV’s-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. These are remotely controlled aircrafts equipped with civil photo cameras, allowing for creating local aerial photography. Using special techniques and post-processing tools, such imagery can be transformed into orthophoto maps and the entire process takes only a few hours. A number of different applications of this system have been shown but Forestry and Agriculture seemed to be the most beneficial, for instance for inspecting inaccessible areas, rapid field visits or-in particular-evaluating damages to forestry plantations.

As well as the presentations, attendees had the opportunity to discover the latest surveying equipment provided by the major players on the Irish market. The exhibition was packed with GPS, LIDAR, UAV’s and total station devices designated for both professionals and those who only recently joined the geo-informatics family.

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