Department of Social & Family Affairs

Mon 29th Apr 2013

Mallon Technology has been awarded and undertaken the data capture of up to 1,000,000 tax contribution records for the Department of Social and Family Affairs, Ireland.

Based in one of our Dublin offices, the main objectives of the project are to capture and store in electronic format pre-1979 contribution data on the Central Records System (CRS) and to make the data available to scheme systems/sections to support the determination of eligibility for the various contributory schemes administered by the Department. It will also enable provision of online access to data by customers.

We have developed bespoke data capture software to allow for the unique tax contribution records to be captured to a quality level of above 99.95%. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the data, quality levels and data security are predominant requirements of the project.

The project will facilitate the final compilation of a single consolidated, electronic record of a customer’s contributions on the CRS - both under the PRSI system which was introduced in 1979 and insurance contributions made prior to 1979. It will also increase productivity within the Department by allowing for the automation of responses to customer requests, both online and paper, for their contribution records.