Mallon on the Map

Mon 29th Apr 2013

Mallon Technology has announced the launch of MallonMap – our retail outlet now supplying OSNI (Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland) mapping and data.

Having undertaken the OSNI licensed partnership programme, MallonMap is now open to both trade and the public as an OSNI distributor.

Until now, availability of OSNI mapping was largely limited to OSNI headquarters in Belfast. The opening of MallonMap, as the sole supplier in Mid-Ulster, offers increased access for both business and general public alike.

MallonMap has launched the service using the same pricing structure as OSNI, affording them the advantages associated with being a local supplier whilst providing the product at no extra cost.

Philip Mallon, CEO of Mallon Technology, said, “Partnering with OSNI and becoming a distributor of OSNI mapping is a logical move forward for the ongoing expansion of Mallon Technology, as mapping is at the core of our day-to-day business. It makes sense for us to provide the maps alongside the specialised services we offer that can make the maps useful and applicable to the customer.”

Of particular interest to local solicitors, architects and the general public, is that the OSNI product offering includes ACEmaps - a necessary requirement for first time land registration, planning permission and building control applications. ACEmaps can be supplied either as hardcopy or in digital format.

Although, MallonMap foresees that the main customer demand will be for ACEmaps, also on offer is a range of OSNI products including historical mapping dating from 1830’s to 1960’s, raster and vector mapping and ortho-photography.

MallonMap services include editing and customisation of all types of mapping supplied, ranging from adding labelling or imagery to demarcating sites or overlaying townland boundaries onto aerial photography.