Inland Fisheries Framework Agreement

Wed 8th Feb 2012

Mallon Technology have been selected for inclusion in the framework agreement for future work with Inland Fisheries Ireland. IFI wished to establish a multi-operator framework agreement for the development of this enhanced mobile GIS and database storage proposal over a period of three years and following the tender process Mallon Technology was identified as one of the top 3 tenderers.

Over the next 3 years the project intends to fulfil the needs of staff and management in relation to GIS and data, to standardise usage across the organisation, and to address future uses due to the remote working of many staff throughout the country.

Inland Fisheries Ireland recognised the many advantages of utising GIS in their business, including;

  • Streamline, enhance and spatially enable existing business processes;
  • Increase efficiency and productivity;
  • To mobilise relevant historical and localised datasets;
  • Protect existing data investment in a secure, central, long-term repository;
  • Provide for centralised data management, administration and maintenance of coherent and consistent GIS datasets;
  • Increase data accuracy;
  • Enhance customer service levels, improve effectiveness of communications with stakeholders and further address employee needs;
  • Reduce operational costs and examine value for money and added value;
  • Provide a powerful link between the remote workforce and the office base;
  • Introduce templates that suit staff processes to allow much easier integration of data, enhance consistency, and give scope for better problem solving;
  • Play a vital role in long term goals in analysing and quantifying operational plan performance.