GNSS (GPS) Workshop 2011

Mon 21st Nov 2011

Mallon Technology recently attended the GNSS 2011 workshop in Gavirate, Italy, organised by the MARS unit of the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

The aim of the workshop was to have open and constructive exchanges about the practical use Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) devices in the frame of the of the Common Agriculture Policy (control activities, management of the Land Parcel Identification Systems).

Throughout the workshop there were a series of presentations from various GEOCAP representatives and suppliers. Mallon Technology presented e-Inspect, their latest software, specifically designed for GPS measurements in a field setting. The presentations can be viewed by clicking here..

A field visit was organised to have the opportunity to concretely observe and discuss aspects of parcel measurements. Mallon Technology demonstrated the capabilities of e-Inspect during the field visit. Many of the inspectors liked the simplicity of the functionality and that fact that it could integrate with the back end system.