GIS Ireland 2011

Mon 15th Aug 2011

Look out for us at this year’s IRLOGI GIS Ireland 2011 conference which takes place in Chartered Accountants House, Dublin on 12th October. Not only are we taking a stand at this annual conference, but our very own Brendan Sheehy has been accepted as a speaker. His presentation is entitled Sustainable and Efficient GIS? Open Source it.

The influence and use of spatial data in all walks of life, coupled with the growing desire for public governance and access to this data is a rapidly growing trend that places additional demands on an already stretched public sector. The public wants access to our public and private spatial data and increasingly look to be the driving force in not only improving it but also using it in new and innovative ways.

Within the context of a weak economy and slashed IT budgets, open source technologies would appear to offer a panacea for many of our GIS needs. However, as many have discovered, the theory of an Open Source GIS nirvana is a far cry from the minefield of Open Source GIS implementation realities.

Brendan’s presentation aims to convince the audience that open source technologies can provide sustainable and efficient GIS IT solutions. He’ll be detailing our hands on experiences with implementing an open source GIS solution. Outlining the advantages of using open source as well as offering advice on avoiding some of the common pitfalls inherent in the process. The audience will be left with a practical understanding of what it really takes to implement a useable Open Source GIS.

We look forward to seeing you there.