IRLOGI Presentation

Sat 1st Jun 2013

Mallon Technology’s Software Development Team Leader, Frank Hagenson was selected as one of the presenters at the recent IRLOGIGIS Ireland conference – Ireland’s premier GIS event.

The presentation, entitled “Saving lives and money with mobile GIS at Kildare Fire Service”, revealed how a low cost solution can allow a Fire Service to make informed, on-the-spot decisions in an emergency situation.

Title: “Saving lives and money with mobile GIS at Kildare Fire Service”

The modern fire service is faced with the balancing act of delivering the highest standards of safety to the public and its own staff while working under constant budget pressure. Working with Mallon Technology, Kildare Fire Service has implemented a mobile GIS system to provide front line officers with the latest information on risks and hazards at the scene of an incident, and the tools to make informed decisions on the best course of action. By utilising databases and tools already in use by the Fire Service and other organisations, we have delivered a state of the art system at a relatively low cost. This presentation describes how Mallon Technology and Kildare Fire Service developed the system, explains the key drivers behind it, and demonstrates how mobile GIS can be used to save lives without breaking the bank.