Diamond Shift Manager

Wed 8th Jun 2011

Diamond Shift Manager is the latest addition to the Diamond Software Suite. Developed alongside and utilised within Limerick City Fire and Rescue Service, Shift Manager is a fire officer shift pattern management system, which allows users to assign fire officer shifts and generally keep a track of which fire officer’s are on or off duty within a particular shift pattern.

Diamond Shift Manager also allows users to manage the roles and specific skills of each fire officer to ensure that the best and most appropriate fire officers are assigned to a shift for any particular fire officer watch. It also has the capacity to manage which fire officer’s have been assigned to use breathing apparatus and the duration of use on any watch.

Another key function of the system is a reminder’s section notifying users of the time span and lifecycle of a fire officer’s skills. This involves displaying the duration of a fire officer skill and notifying when that skill may become outdated or notifying users which fire officer’s skills have been unused over a certain period of time thus highlighting the potential requirement for training and refresher courses.

Other functionality includes assigning overtime and leave and the system is proving to be a beneficial addition to the existing Diamond Fire suite. Feel free to contact us for a demonstration!