I love our new In-cell Touch Monitor

Tue 24th May 2011

Having spied this revolutionary piece of technology at CeBIT my colleagues were blown away by the IDTC In-Cell Touch Monitor and soon after they got back we applied to become resellers for this Taiwanese product in Ireland. Initially we were drawn to the In-cell Touch monitor by its sleek design and 21.5” HD screen which really gave it the wow factor, but we soon saw this wasn’t a case of style over substance. It was equally impressive once you got into the knitty gritty of performing day to day tasks and we quickly realised the potential it had to change the way you work.

For the non-techies like me out there, the In-cell Touch is a monitor which when connected to your computer displays the screen in the same way your current monitor does. The big difference is that you control it with a stylus rather than a mouse. You can rest your wrist on the screen and write or draw as if onto paper.

You can use it for all your day to day tasks such as reading e-mails or browsing the internet but the In-cell Touch really comes into its own when using graphical applications. Autocad and Photoshop are both greatly enhanced by being able to draw directly onto the screen and due to the stylus it is much more accurate than traditional touch screen monitors.

Another obvious application for these monitors is in a meeting or presentation situation. When hooked up to a projector the monitor becomes on interactive whiteboard. When discussing plans or the like, changes can be made directly onto the screen and can be erased and re-applied as often as required.

One of my favourite things about this monitor is that it picks up handwriting, so if like me you’re not the fastest typist in the world you can write by hand and it is converted into text... in-fact I’m using it right now!


(P.s. If you like the sound of it, give us a call and we can arrange a demo for you.)