Mallon Technology Become Docsvault Resellers

Thu 12th May 2011

Mallon Technology are delighted to announce that they have become resellers of Docsvault, a simple, affordable, and feature rich Document Management software with all the tools for a complete conversion to a paperless office.

According to Forbes ASAP, the average business person spends 150 hours per year searching for information. Now, assume that this person’s time is modestly estimated at £15 per hour. This results in over £2000 of lost overhead due to scavenging for information.

Implementing Docsvault will not only give you immediately realized cost savings, but also is a preventative action to the inevitable chaos that unorganized files and documents will lead to. It is not as if this unstructured data has no value; in fact, it more than likely forms the very backbone of your business. But by organizing, managing, and securing this data in a way that suits your needs best, you can increase the value of this data by making it more accessible and more secure.

Mallon Technology Services Manager, David McQuillan explained “Docsvault complements our scanning services perfectly, allowing us to provide a complete and cost-effective document management solution. Not only can we scan your documents but we can also install and provide training on Docsvault software”

Key features of the software include:

  • Multiple-User Collaboration:Everyone in the office can now access and modify documents from one location.
  • Secure Access to Files:Control the file access of individual users and groups.
  • Full-text Indexing and Advanced Searching:Find your files instantly by the text inside documents or by searching with over 10 different parameters.
  • Cabinet-Drawer-File Structure:The familiar organization structure goes modern with a host of organizing and security features.
  • Effortless Data Backups:With one-click burning and automated backups, data backup is now easier and more effective than ever before.
  • Tools to Make Your Office a Paperless Powerhouse: Built-in scanning eliminates clutter in the office by quickly digitizing all paper files.
  • Document Check Out and Check In:Eliminate errors caused by multiple users accessing and modifying the same files.
  • Audit Trail:Track and log changes and access to your files.
  • Version History and Control:Know which document is the latest version and eliminate unnecessary mistakes due to redundancy.
  • Property and Profile Assignment:Users are not limited to the pre-defined file classifications set by Windows, providing endless ways to sort and classify files.
  • MS Office Integration and Outlook Archiving and Organization:Docsvault seamlessly integrates into your most commonly used Microsoft applications and also allows you to archive and organize all of your old emails.
  • Document Routing:Send documents and notes to other users within Docsvault without having to go through an email.